At URBANO Enchilada Taco Bar, we make it easy to stick to your diet or healthy lifestyle without compromising freshness and taste. Just because you’re trying to create better eating habits doesn’t mean you need to skip out on little joys in life, like going out to eat with family and friends. In this blog post, we’re breaking down our menu and showing you the healthiest options, from starters to desserts and everything in between. 

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Is Mexican Food Healthy?

When considering the question “is X type of food healthy?” it’s important to consider that nearly every type of food can be made in healthy and unhealthy ways. It’s also crucial to note that “unhealthy” can be difficult to define. How something is prepared, which ingredients it includes or omits, and portion size all contribute to the healthiness of a particular dish. For this purpose of this post, we’ll define “healthy” food as something that is relatively low in calories, unfried, and nutritionally balanced. At URBANO Enchilada Taco Bar, we have plenty of options that can be considered healthy. Let’s take a look!


Our healthiest starters include ceviche and Mexican shrimp cocktail. Each seafood-based dish delivers a protein boost, in addition to healthy fats from avocado. The pico de gallo topping is fresh, crisp, and tasty, plus it helps you include a few more veggies on your plate.


Salads are a healthy jackpot, as long as you follow a few guidelines! Thanks to a base of greens, you’ll be getting a highly nutritious meal that is lower in calories. With a variety of meats to choose from, you can achieve the flavor you love while getting the protein you need to feel satisfied at the end of your meal. Be careful — salads can be deceptive! Watch the type and amount of dressing you choose. This goes for other toppings as well, such as sour cream, cheese, guacamole, and tortilla strips. You don’t have to nix these tasty toppings completely, just be mindful of how much you’re eating. Ask for dressing and toppings on the side if you’d like more control over how much you add to your salad. 


Rather than list all of the entree items from our menu that we consider healthy (or that can be made healthy with a few substitutions), we’re going to give a few pointers for choosing a meal that fits with your healthy lifestyle. Here are some questions to ask yourself before ordering:

  • Is the majority of this dish fried?
  • Does the dish contain a large amount of cheese?
  • Is the dish topped with a creamy sauce?
  • Does the dish come with multiple tortillas?
  • Will you be ordering chips and salsa/queso?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the dish in question may be less healthy than other options.

  • Does this dish include a lean protein?
  • Are there plenty of veggies in the dish?
  • Can you swap an unhealthy topping or side dish for something healthier?
  • Does the dish include a balance of protein, carbs, and fats?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, the dish is probably one of the healthier options on our menu!


We have a variety of sides at URBANO Enchilada Taco Bar that can help you modify many dishes to be healthier. Our healthy sides include black beans, street corn, sauteed veggies, side salad (mind the toppings and dressing), and fruit. Making clever use of our sides is also an easy way to create a vegan or vegetarian dish at our Mexican restaurant, while we do have other items on the main menu that are suitable for these lifestyles.


Think you have to skip dessert? Not necessarily! The key to incorporating dessert into a healthy lifestyle is portion control. Split a dessert with other members of your party, or split it into thirds and take two servings home for later.

Healthy Mexican Food Is Easy At URBANO Enchilada Taco Bar! 

Come by our restaurant in Flower Mound for Mexican dishes that are sure to please everyone in your group. You can also check out our happy hour and specials, gift card options, and catering services. We hope to see you soon!